SC Consultancy buys and sells the best cheese machines, so you can further professionalizing your dairy company.

Because of our years of experience, innovative techniques and renowned partners in the industry, we distinguish ourselves from other solutions. This way we will reach the best result for you.

We are rightly your partner for cheese machines!


Norreg Inliner

Pick & Place Norreg Inliner has 4 lanes x 3 packs in inline. The machine has a capacity of 100 packets/minute. Used for sliced ​​cheese packages.

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Ytron-XC Powder Dissolver

Powders and compounds that tend to clump or stick are introduced in-line and finely dispersed. In this way the highest concentrations are possible in one pass.

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Schmiermachine Plastima 665

The Schmiermachine can be used as a stand-alone machine and can also be integrated into an automated cheese treatment line.

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Cello wrapping machine

We can offer you this fully automatic cellophaniser for cellophasing your Gouda cheeses from 3,5 to 5 kg.

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Horizontal cheese cutter Groba

Compact machine with a fully automatic slicing machine feed, many different slicing options and can be integrated with existing slicers and portion slicers

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Horizontal cheese slicer Domas

Cutting, positioning and grouping of the cheese to transporting the cheese to a cutting / portioning or packaging machine.

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Overview of the sold equipment

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      SC Consultancy trades cheese machines. The cheese machines are checked by ourselves before we place the machine on the website. We think it is important that the cheese machines meet the right conditions, so that we only sell top quality cheese machines. The cheese machines are divided into four groups: new cheese machines, used cheese machines, other dairy machines and complete cheese production lines. In addition, the cheese machines are also divided into cheese production, cheese maturation and cheese packaging. This makes it possible to search directly for the cheese machine in a certain phase of the process that you need. Furthermore, customers can also offer their own cheese machines. We want the widest possible range so that we can serve every customer. If we do not have the right cheese machine, we will look it up for you! SC Consutlancy is rightly the partner in dairy machines.

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