The used cheese machines are divided into three categories: Cheese production, Cheese maturation and Cheese packaging. The used cheese machines are all of good quality. We can guarantee this quality because we inspect all machines ourselves.

Used cheese production machines

Stephan UMM/SK 130 E II

The Stephan UMM/SK 130 E II was built in 2007

Final cheese press

The cheese press is suitable for Euroblock format. The cheese press has 30 x 3 cylinders.

Westfalia separator

Includes: constant pressure valve, pressure gauge, sludge tank, base plate, sampling valve, manual ball valve

Evaporator and powder tower

The evaporator and powder tower are in excellent condition. The machines were built in 1978 and will be dismantled in January 2023.

KALT cheese cassette press

The KALT cheese cassette press performs all five steps of the cheese pressing process


Hybrid MVR/TVR Evaporator

Used cheese ripening machines

Complete automated Schmierrobot

The line consists of: used Kaesaro Schmier robot, stainless steel racks and wooden shelves (approx. 4.000 pieces)

Cheese boxes

Cheese box

We have two different cheese boxes for sale. View the cheese boxes on this page!

Mobile cheese coating machine Plastima 661

This cheese coating machine can be used as a stand-alone machine and can also be integrated into an automated cheese treatment line.

Cheese Shelfwasher Scrubber 653

The compact cheese shelfwasher is specially built as a stand-alone machine. The small size of the machine makes it easy to use.

Cheese treatment line

The cheese treatment line was built in 2000 and has a capacity of 25 cheese boxes per hour. Suitable for cheese boxes with dimensions: 180 x 90 x 230 cm, 12 kg Gouda: 80 cheeses / box, 16 kg Euroblock or Gouda: 60 cheeses / box, 25 kg Gouda: 50 cheeses / box

Used cheese packaging machines

Cheese snack cutting machine

The LAMBDA 403 is an automatic cutting machine that is suitable for cutting cheese in all kinds of snack sizes

Complete cheese grating line

Groba cheese cubing machine, Groba double cheese grater, Starch dosing, Groba mixing drum, Multi Pond multi head weigher, Packaging machine, Fortress metaldetector Phantom, Turning table, Several connecting conveyors, Line controls and HMI

Complete cheese grating line

The line consists of: 2 Dicers Rühle SR3, cheese graters Alexanderwerk R340N, starch dosage Vibra CR21, mixing drum, multi-head weigher MBP 14 Teste Step, packaging machine BG Pack Vetta 3348 PC, metal detector Metron 05 CI Touch incl.

cryovac CJ61

The adjustable conveyor speed can be set for product packaging with and without trays, achieving the best result.

cryovac VR8620-14DC

Continuous rotary vacuum packaging machine with 5 chambers. Suitable for different products, shapes and sizes.

Horizontal cheese cutter Groba

Compact machine with a fully automatic slicing machine feed, many different slicing options and can be integrated with existing slicers and portion slicers

Cello wrapping machine

We can offer you this fully automatic cellophaniser for cellophasing your Gouda cheeses from 3,5 to 5 kg.

Horizontal cheese slicer Domas

Cutting, positioning and grouping of the cheese to transporting the cheese to a cutting / portioning or packaging machine.

Stainless Steel Trolley

The stainless steel trolleys from SC Consultancy have extendable oviposors and are mobile. We have 40 in stock!

Waxing machine

The Parama 674 can be used as a stand-alone or built-in. The Parama ensures a 100% closed wax layer on the cheese.

Cheese slicing and packaging line

Capacity of the cutting and packaging line: 80 packs of 200 grams (100 x 150 cm, 6 slices) per minute.

Cheese portion cutter

Automatic machine for cutting larger quantities of round, square and rectangular cheeses into consumer portions.

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      Used cheese machines

      At SC Consultancy we buy used cheese machines. We inspect these cheese machines ourselves, so that we can guarantee good and high quality. We can give you this guarantee because we use years of experience, innovative techniques and renowned partners in the industry. The used cheese machines that we sell and also buy are for different types of cheeses and different types of phases.

      For example, we have used cheese machines for the production of cheese, the ripening of the cheese and the packaging of the cheeses. In addition to the machines for the different phases, we also sell powder towers, evaporators, other dairy machines en complete cheese production lines.

      Wide range of used cheese machines

      On our website we offer a wide range of used cheese machines. If you are looking for a certain type of used cheese machine, but we do not have it in stock. Then take contact with us. We will look for the used cheese machine you are looking for.