Cheese Cassette Press


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Cheese cassette press

The Baminox Cassette Press performs all five steps of the cheese pressing process - from dividing the curd, (pre) pressing, acidifying and demoulding the cheese to CIP cleaning. At the start of the process, the curd is fed directly from the cheese mold into the Cassette Press, which makes a buffer tank and pre-pressing unnecessary.

The molds and lids always remain in the machine - even during CIP cleaning. Complex systems and sensors for handling, transporting and storing the molds and lids, as well as separate cleaning systems are no longer required. Our customers benefit several times from this reduced complexity: through reliable processes, low susceptibility to faults and low personnel and maintenance costs.

Below is the process of the machine:

1. Portioning 2. Pressing 3. Acidification 4. Demoulding 5. CIP

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