Fully automated cheese maturing and cheese treatment

The entire system is fully automated. The complete system consists of:

  • WMS system
  • Cheese maturing storage
  • Stacking tap
  • Buffer empty shelves
  • Logistic handling of the shelves and cheeses (stacking and destacking)
  • Cheese treatment line
  • Cheese coating tank

WMS system

The warehouse is equipped with a WMS system. The WMS system ensures that you know exactly where the cheeses are, when they need treatment etc.

Cheese maturing storage

Here the cheeses ripen on wooden boards (the air treatment is not included).

Buffer empty shelves

If a track in the warehouse is not (completely) filled, the wooden planks are stored in the buffer.

Cheese treatment line

In the cheese treatment line:

  • Planks + cheeses can be rotated
  • The cheeses are plastic coated with a new layer of cheese coating (plastic coating machine is from 2015)
  • The shelves are washed (on the bottom, because the cheese comes back on the dry top) (the shelf washer is from 2015)
  • The cheese is placed on the dry top of the cheese plate

Cheese coating tank

Here the liquid cheese coating is stored (20.000 liters) and dosed for the cheese treatment line.

Logistic handling of the shelves and cheeses (stacking and destacking)

The cheese shelves are placed in a buffer and given to the cheese treatment line one by one. After treatment, they are placed in another buffer. The buffers are filled and emptied by the stacker tap.

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