Cleaning the felt flaps is essential to prevent cross-contamination of mold and other micro-organisms. Only one contaminated cheese can contaminate much of your cheese in storage. The proper cleaning and disinfection of the felt flaps determines the quality of your end product! Cleaning the felt flaps is a very time-consuming task, where the result is often disappointing. With the help of our felt flaps washer you will experience that cleaning the felt flaps takes much less time and that the result will be better. The washing machine will invite you to clean the felt flaps more often, which will further reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Working method of the felt flap washer

After the usual cleaning of your plasticizer, remove the cores with filter flaps from the plasticizer and place them in the washing machine. After placing the cores, the washer is filled with hot water and we recommend that you dose a combined detergent (advice: SynQ Yellow CIP; alkaline, chlorinated product from IN2FOOD). The washing machine will now commute cleaning the felt flaps, half hours is often enough. After cleaning, drain the washing machine, rinse the felt flaps manually and put them back in the plasticizer.

Description of the felt flap washing machine

The cores are in the washing machine on a swinging platform, for optimal cleaning of the flaps. The washer accommodates 4 cores with felt flaps, placed on pinakesl of around 70 mm


  • Tank diameter: 1000 mm
  • Washing part capacity: 650 liters
  • Total height: 1700 mm

Technical data:

  • Beveled bottom with drain and 4 ”valve
  • Washing water supply and overflow
  • Convex lid with gas spring equator and open-position locking. Entirely constructed of stainless steel and ceramic bead
  • Drive: 0,37 kW
  • Excluding control and electronic components, landing is optional

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